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About the job SEO Assistant

Media company is a rapidly growing digital marketing agency that is looking to add a strong team member to our Customer Service department. The ideal candidate has great communication skills and is interested in working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. You will be expected to manage client accounts and represent the needs of both the client and the agency. This is a great opportunity for applicants who are motivated, flexible, and demonstrate leadership skills. Although the communication is KEY, you must have very strong understanding of search engine optimization, Google my business, dealing with suspensions and reinstating listings.


Providing customer service to a wide range of clients

Overseeing and following up on campaign deliverables

Communicating and checking in with clients regarding their campaigns

Creating and/or tailoring client campaign strategies based on their needs

Communicating client needs and requests to the team

Walking clients through their analytics via screen share programs like Loom

Communicating with the team, assigning tasks, and holding them accountable to deadlines

Providing final approval for projects going out to clients, including proofreading and aesthetics checks

Taking notes on client requests during calls, and assigning them as tasks to the team

Taking notes during team meetings, and holding accountability meetings with key team members

Management of client ticketing system

Learning basic information about each clients niche, to understand the goals and challenges of their business

Preferred Qualities:

TOP 4:

Resolve 90% of client requests within 48 hours

Report to 70% of the clients receive reports at least once a month

Turn negative clients into positive clients in an average of under 7 days

Complete Onboarding New Clients under 1 week of client joining company


Comfortable with a sales environment, and willing to save departing clients by highlighting the benefits of our work

Willing to take unexpected client calls during work hours

Comfortable being on camera, as much of our client reporting occurs through screen share programs such as Loom

Experience creating/optimizing systems and operations processes, as we are always looking for ways to improve our business structure

Detail-oriented, with an eye for correct grammar and online visuals

Gains satisfaction from following through with tasks and seeing projects to completion

Ability to lead and mentor a team

Experience writing pitches and proposals for clients


2 years of experience in Customer Service, SEO Account Management, or Project Management

High level of experience in Google Analytics

Strong English communication skills, both written and verbal

Digitally proficient, including excellent knowledge of Outlook, Excel and Microsoft Word.

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