Pinoy SEO: Now Featured on Google Knowledge Panel

We are excited to share a significant achievement for Pinoy SEO: our online training services are now prominently featured on Google’s Knowledge Panel.

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This recognition represents a significant point in our journey towards giving valuable insights and training in the field of SEO.

But what exactly is the Google Knowledge Panel?

Consider you are searching for something on Google. Beside the usual searching results, you may notice a box at the right-hand side of your screen (or on top if it is mobile). The box is called Google Knowledge Panel and summarizes information about specific things such as any person like Pinoy SEO or an organization or a place among others.

Google Knowledge Panel provides users with quick summaries without having to visit several pages. It draws materials from different trusted sources across the web to provide an overall picture of what you seek as far as that entity is concerned.

The Google Knowledge Panel is a significant recognition of the importance and relevance of an entity. It shows that Pinoy SEO, in this case, is seen as a dependable and trustworthy authority in its niche. Consequently, it makes it easier for users to find correct and reliable information about our company thereby increasing our online visibility and credibility.

Without the support from our dedicated team, customers and affiliates who have faith in what we do; empowering businesses through effective SEO strategies would not be attainable. We deeply appreciate your continuous trust and assistance.

We will continue to provide excellent training on SEO services through valuable information and methodologies that bring out the desired results for our customers even as we mark this milestone. We are optimistic about tomorrow since we anticipate making improvements on what we already have to ensure it suits your needs better.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Let us get bigger and successful together in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.