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PINOYSEO ADS: UPCOMING EVENTS 4-Week Online SEO Bootcamp Philippines

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4-Week Online General VA Bootcamp Philippines


As I do these free and paid SEO training, all optimizations are being done for this website – This is to show that what I am teaching is working. Updates are found on this page. Both the website and the Youtube channel are  closely monitored.

UPDATE June 2023: Multiple Keywords with High Difficulties Now Ranking on First and Second Pages of Google

PositionKeywordSearch Volume
1pinoy seo10
2free seo training philippines20
4seo training philippines210
5seo course philippines50
6seo training course philippines10
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8seo salary philippines50
11seo ph590
14seo philippines590
14seo in philippines480
17seo training courses20
25seo in the philippines590
25seo jobs philippines70
30seo hiring philippines10

UPDATE Dec 15, 2022: Multiple Keywords Now Ranking on First Page of Google

After 4 months of doing SEO for this website, it is now ranking first page for the ff keywords:

  • free seo training philippines
  • pinoy seo
  • seo course philippines
  • seo courses philippines
  • seo training philippines


UPDATE Nov 15, 2022: Website and Youtube Channel Ranking on Google PH

For keyword “Free SEO Training Philippines”, Youtube channel is now on first page and website is now on 2nd page. Both are also appearing now for keyword “SEO Training Philippines.”

UPDATE Oct 22, 2022: Website and Youtube Channel Ranking on Google PH

Both the website and the Youtube videos are now appearing in Google Philippines search engine. Videos are found on the 2nd page and website is found on the 4th page.

UPDATE Oct 14, 2022: Youtube Channel Already Ranking

Youtube channel of PinoySEO is already ranking for “seo training philippines” keyword in Youtube search engine.