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Batch 1 Graduates

New Batch of SEO Specialists in the Philippines

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The following are the graduates of the Pinoy SEO Philippines Online SEO Bootcamp Batch 1. Feel free to visit each individual site and explore. If you are interested in hiring one of these SEO experts, please reach out to me or contact the graduate directly through their website. 

  • Irneil Revantad
  • Jcioh Wincher Rubi
  • James Cubao
  • Karyl Bianca Miranda
  • Sheila Tan
  • Adonis Lobenia Alibangbang
  • Marie Rose Omictin
  • Jesser Bagares
  • Kelsey Miguel
  • Dante Galudo
  • Iam Paces Manzo
  • Jomar C. Solaiman
  • Marge Maru
  • Mifflin Ann de la Cruz
  • Princess Ng
  • Romy O. Reyes
  • Stephen Fred E. Yecyec