Explore Google’s New Generative AI Overview Feature in Search

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Recently, Google Search in the U.S. introduced a cutting-edge generative AI overview feature. The new feature represents a major move in terms of how search results are presented and generated, with artificial intelligence now at the heart of the search experience.

What is the Generative AI Overview Feature?

At its core, this new capability means that some of the search engine results you see could have been generated by an AI assistant. This improvement is not live yet in the Philippines, but it is expected soon and it could change how Filipinos do their Google Searches as well.

How to Test the AI Overview Feature

While the feature initially is available in just the U.S., you can turn it on while you’re in the Philippines.

Below is a simple guide to try it out :

  1. Visit Google Search Labs: Head over to Google Search Labs, the platform where experimental features are showcased.
  2. Look for “AI Overviews”: This feature was previously known as the “Search Generative Experience.”
  3. Activate the AI Experiment: Enable the AI Overview feature to start experiencing AI-influenced search results.

To give you a better understanding of how this feature works, check out this video demonstration:

Experiencing AI-Influenced Search Results

Once the AI Experiment is activated, you can observe how AI enhances search results. For example, if you search for “how to learn SEO in the Philippines,” Google will generate an AI result alongside the usual search listings.

What Does an AI Result Look Like?

The AI-generated result will suggest relevant resources. In our example, Google’s AI identified “Pinoy SEO” as a pertinent resource website for learning SEO in the Philippines. This occurs when the AI deems a website to be an authoritative source in a particular niche.

Comparison with Organic Search Results
Beneath the AI-generated result, you’ll still find the traditional organic search results. This dual presentation highlights the evolution of search results, blending AI insights with established search algorithms to provide a comprehensive search experience.

Implications for Users and Website Owners

The integration of AI in search results has several implications:

  • Enhanced Search Experience: Users receive tailored suggestions that could potentially be more relevant to their queries.
  • Increased Visibility for Authority Websites: Websites recognized as authoritative in their niche may gain additional exposure through AI recommendations.
  • Evolving SEO Strategies: As AI influences search results, SEO strategies might need to adapt to align with AI algorithms and criteria for authority.

Google’s generative AI overview feature represents a significant leap in search technology. Though the experience has yet to be officially expanded and is only available in specific countries, if it goes global, it has the potential to radically disrupt the search results page ecology. This is a method of improving search by combining AI solutions with regular search results, thereby making user searches more convenient and effective.

And for those who can’t wait, enabling and running this feature using Google Search Labs is a sneak peek into what search technology holds in the future. tuned as this feature makes its way to more regions, potentially transforming search experiences worldwide.