Google Site Operators: Your Ultimate Search Hack!

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a large search engine results page? You know the feeling: you enter in a search term, then BAM! Numerous connections surface, some of which are valuable and others not. Searching through an overloaded search result page to locate your needed information might be frustrating.

Well, there’s a way to make Google your personal search assistant! These are called “search operators” and they’re super easy to use. Imagine you’re on a quest to find blog posts about the Philippines on A normal search for “Philippines” might lead you everywhere from travel blogs to news articles. Not ideal! However, using search operators allows you to narrow down your search and receive more exact results.

Here’s the trick: Watch the video below to see these search operators in action!

In the video, you type in “” followed by “intitle:Philippines.” This tells Google to only show you results from that have the word “Philippines” right in the title. It’s like whispering a secret code, and suddenly your search results transform! You’ll see only articles about the Philippines written by Forbes, making your search a total success.

So, if you’re tired of scrolling through unnecessary search results, try using Google site operators to refine your searches and get exactly what you’re looking.