The Rise of AI Content: Detecting Human vs. AI-Generated Text

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The development of AI writing tools has improved the productivity of content creation. Can we, however, simply copy and paste the outputs onto our websites? 

[Video Description: This video showcases the AI content detector in action, demonstrating its ability to detect the percentage of human-generated content in text.]

Enter the AI content detector, a tool that can differentiate between human-generated and AI-generated content by determining the percentage of human input.

The Experiment:

To put the AI content detector to the test, we conducted an experiment. On our Pinoy SEO homepage, we crafted the content personally, ensuring it was entirely human-generated.  The result? Its a 100% human-generated content, as verified by the AI content detector.

However, we also wanted to explore the capabilities of AI-generated content. 

We published a blog post on finding SEO jobs in the Philippines, utilizing an AI writing tool.  Although we added our own unique twists to the text, the content was primarily generated by AI.  The AI content detector revealed that it consisted of 85% human-generated content.

In the SEO industry, high-quality content is quite important. Search engines prioritize websites that offer their readers helpful, instructive, and interesting content. The quality of your content is now equally as important as keywords in deciding where your website ranks. It’s important to keep in mind that while AI writing tools can be useful in speeding the content creation process, they shouldn’t be used in place of human creativity and skill. Maintaining authenticity and producing outstanding content that connects with your audience needs finding the right mix between human and AI input. By emphasizing creating high-quality content, you increase your chances of appearing higher in search results as well as developing credibility and reader trust.