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+ What This Job Is All About:
We’re looking for a Content Specialist to join our team. This role means creating various types of content such as teardowns, use cases, template libraries and in the format of saas blog posts, landing pages, guides, help centers, ebooks, and any sort of writing task but mostly focused on marketing content. This role means connecting with our customers and growing our business.

+ Your Main Responsibilities:
– Create a schedule for different types of content.
– Make sure all our content is interesting.
– Monitor how well our content performs and find ways to improve it.
– Create and touch up old content.
– Engage with our team and come up with new ideas.

+ Skills You Need:
– Proficient English speaker (comfortable talking, writing, reading)
– Strong at using Slack, iMessage, Gmail, & CMS
– Available to work US PST business hours (8am – 3:30pm PST, Monday – Friday)
– Excellent writing and editing skills.
– Experience with SEO tools.
– Can use tools to see how well our content is working.
– Skills in saas blogging and content production.
– Strong communication and project management skills.

+ Interview Process:
– Send a Short Video: First, make a 1-minute video telling us why you’re a fit for this role and show us your work.
– Initial Chat: We’ll have a quick talk to learn about your past work and see how you might fit in with us.
– Test Task: We have a saying.. “I cant work with you unless I’ve worked with you.” So, we’ll give you a small project to do. This helps us see how you solve problems and make content.
– Final Talk: You’ll meet our marketing boss and another team member. We’ll talk about the project you did and see if you’re a good match for our team.

+ Working With Us
– Our Team: We love new ideas and being open about what we do. We’re always learning and getting better.
– Pay: We start with a lower fixed rate offer equity (company’s ownership with cliffs and vesting periods) to compensate for the short term. You’ll need to work hard and fast, just like us, at least most of the time.
– Extras: Flexible hours, work from home, and chances to actually learn more.

**This is NOT some outsourced job. This is NOT some entry level temp job. This is a career with us and the ability to be awesome and work with awesome.**

P.S. Also any previous experience with Slack, Clickup, assisting with writing and other marketing task would be excellent, but is by no means required. Please let us know of any previous experience you’ve had with content writing or any other job that you feel will contribute to your success as SEO Content Specialist

+ Interested?
• Apply below
• On question #4 asking you “How FAST can you start?” just type the word “orange”

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