SEO Specialist Salary in the Philippines by Pinoy SEO

How Much Can You Earn as an SEO Specialist in the Philippines – Salary

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SEO is a lucrative profession in the Philippines. It is a part of the digital marketing industry. I work as an SEO specialist since 2010 and has clients in UK, Australia, Canada. In the video below, I showed how much I earn for some of my clients.

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Video Transcript:

Good day

Welcome to another video from the Pinoy SEO YouTube channel

So in today’s video I will only discuss about the average earnings of a SEO specialist

I’m a SEO specialist since 2010 and I’m freelance

So I have many clients in Canada, Australia and US

They pay me on an hourly basis

So, ill show my PayPal

This record, not all my clients pay me through PayPal

Others pay me through bpi direct

So with this PayPal, only two clients are paying me with this

I’m just showing insights, I’m not bragging but just showing that SEO is a good career

I have been doing this since 2010

I started with one client and over the years referred to more clients

Mostly recommended by existing clients

So in 2021, I earned 1.1 Million pesos through my SEO services

If you look at the graph, I started with 73,000 pesos per month until it became 100,000 pesos per month

So I made an average of 100,000 per month in 2021 from my clients who pay with PayPal

in 2022, the average graph will not come out but they will have the same average income in 2021

So again, these are the only two clients who pay with PayPal, I have other clients who pay with bpi

So I’m just showing you that SEO is a good career

To recap, what is SEO 

SEO involves processes or strategies that we do so that we can increase the rankings of a website in the search engine.

Examples of search engines are google, Bing, YouTube and amazon

So basically SEO is raising the rankings of the website within a search engine

what are the benefits of SEO 

The benefits are that once you enter the top search results, especially if you are in the top 3 on the first page, you will have free ongoing traffic.

SEO takes time to process, more than 1 to 2 months

Especially if the website is newly launched, it will take 1-2 years for there to be a significant improvement

So I have a client who is an ecommerce business and they started with very little traffic about 800 visits per month through google

I did SEO and after a year, they have 5000 monthly visits on google

so that’s all, there are many processes involved in SEO 

It will take more than 1 to 2 days of learning

for me over the years, I have learned so much

There are strategies that have been removed and some that have been added

because our technology is evolving

So again, SEO is a good career

And I’m happy that I pursued this career

So that’s all, thank you for watching and see you in the next video